We benefit from a large network of in-house and outside experts focusing on the majority of IT disciplines and technologies. We choose the most competent ones for your IT project and they are ready to help you design it or revise it, nevermind if the project is already running or just planned.

Our analytics have helped to process IT system demands of companies coming from different business segments: tourism, second-hand goods, financial services, logistics, manufacturing and more…

We mostly help with:

  • application architecture design, DB
  • application, code and sql query optimization, HW setting
  • code review (PHP, Java EE, HTML, frameworky Nette, Symfony and Zend)

5 ReasonS why 1. Web IT

  • With our clients we always find an efficient and economical solution.
  • We are always in touch with our clients.
  • We perform regular quality control of our work.
  • We continuously improve our knowledge and follow the latest IT trends.
  • We carefully choose new colleagues into the team.

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