1.Web IT core



  • User management, roles, capabilities
  • Grids and tables, CRUD operations
  • Export for spreadsheets
  • Manage images, files, and attachments
  • Language management and language translations
  • Logs all changes in the application and the user's movement
  • Notification via email messages, message templates management
  • Import / export of data for communication with applications
  • Error and exception reporting

1. The IT core is the basic building block (core), which takes care of many routine project-related activities, simplifies and leverages development.

Facilitates the work for developers, with a long-proven set of libraries.

Helps create a complete user interface for working with the application.

Because the core is the heart of all our applications, it is constantly expanding with new features new and technologically upgraded. We streamline these updates to all projects, and the client will get the foundation of his solution that will meet all his needs over the long term and can always be expanded.

5 ReasonS why 1. Web IT

  • With our clients we always find an efficient and economical solution.
  • We are always in touch with our clients.
  • We perform regular quality control of our work.
  • We continuously improve our knowledge and follow the latest IT trends.
  • We carefully choose new colleagues into the team.

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